Standardized ExtractsSpecificationIntended use*
Andrographis Paniculata(Kalmegh)10% AndrographolideLiver support and respiratory support
Bamboo shoot(Bambusa vulgaris)75% SilicaImprove skin and hair health
(Mixed carotenoids from Dunaliella Salina)
Upto 30% Powder and Oil form
Up to 20% CWD (Cold water dispersible) Powder
Anti-oxidant & Pro-vitamin A
Boswellia Serrata(Salai guggul)50% & 65% Boswellic acidsAnti inflammatory and arthritis support
Bacopa Monnieri(Brahmi)20% total BacosidesMemory health
Curcuma longa(Turmeric)95% curcuminoidsAntioxidant & anti inflamatory
Coleus Forskohlii(Coleus)10% & 20% ForskolinWeight management
Camellia Sinensis(Green Tea)Polyphenol up to 95%Antioxidant & weight management
Cassia Angustifolia(Senna)20% SennosidesLaxative
Garcinia CambogiaUp to 60% Hydroxycitric AcidAnti-obesity & Weight management
Green Coffee(Coffea arabica )45% & 50% Chlorogenic AcidsAnti-oxidant and weight management
Gymnema Sylvestre(Gurmar)25% & 75% Gymnemic AcidBlood sugar management and promote
healthy pancreas
Mucuna Pruriens (Kavach)10% & 20% L-dopaStimulant for CNS & Energy support
Natural Caffeine(Camellia Sinensis)Up to 85% CaffeineWeight management & stimulant
Ocimum Sanctum(Tulsi)2% Ursolic AcidAdaptogen and rejuvenating agent
Tagetes Erecta(Marigold)10%, 20% & 40% Free Lutein
10%, 20%, 40% & 80% Lutein Esters
Oleoresin (Food and feed grade)
Eye health, Anti-oxidant and support general health.
Tribulus Terrestris(Gokhru)40% Sapnin
20% Protodioscin
Body building, improving testosterone,& aphrodisiac
Withania Somnifera(Ashwagandha)1% Alkaloids & 1.5% WithanolidesPromote vigor and vitality, and immune support
Phaseolus vulgaris(White Kidney Bean)3000, 5000, 10000, 20000 units/g Weight management
Tringonella Foenum – graecum(Fenugreek)50% Saponins
50% Hydroxyisoleucine
Blood sugar and weight management

*Intended use : The claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and the products are not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any disease